Ladies in waiting, Seoul, Korea

Venice Biennale 2009

“Drawing in Stone” in Künstlerhaus Munich Germany

The Beta Israel Garden for Ethiopian Community Heritage in Petah Tikva is an ongoing installation

The winner love The Kibbutz Art Gallery 2011

“I’ve Been There,” Water Tower Art Festival,” Sofia, Bulgaria

Other group exhibitions

“Home is where the Hurt is”, Memory of Future gallery, Paris

Photobook Show of the Athens Photo Festival 2018, Benaki Museum.

article in israeli newspaper-“Yedioth Ahcharonot”

The international artist museum 20 years galleryY92 2013 new york

Photography Museum, DIPF, 2017 the 16th DongGang International Photo Festival, Korea

The 10th Head-On photo festival 2019, Sydney, Australia



Not Book – Pushtit, Beit Ha’ir, Tel Aviv, 2013

“Earth”, Ahmdbad, Brauda, Mombai, (National Gallery), India

Solo exhibition, Textile Museum, the 15th international Triennial of Textiles Lodz, Poland

Video, solo screening on LEUMI Mani Building 2012

is.real photo festival “Laugh Away” solo exhibition photos

Solo exhibition “Ladies in waiting” in MLB space, Rencontres d’Arles 2019, France

Between The Lines, Munich, Germany 2014

The International Romanian Festival of The Roman Poeisa And Dance 2019. Sibiu, Romania


Transmission body, DOCUMENTA 2012

50th anniversary of German-Israeli relations, Pasinger Fabrik, Munich, Germany

“The World Through My Eyes”, Valid photo Gallery, the 5th biennale of photography, Barcelona, Spain

Loving Art – Making Art, Tel-Aviv 2015

2011 drap art

LODZ “PARDES FESTIVAL” Anna Dąbrowicz on Roni Bn Ari / Centralne Muzeum

Ma’agalot, Office in Tel Aviv Gallery 2010

“In search of the “Tiganca” Ramat-Gan museum 2015

Wabi Sabi, loving Art – making Art, Tel-Aviv 2011

Tel Aviv Biennial 2009

Loom_ Father_ Requiem 2012 prague


B&W magazine: 2018 single image contest award

44 DEGREES online magazine

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