Ladies in waiting



A change in the topographic area, in the lowest place in the world, due to the sinkholes and the digging of the feeder channels to the Dead Sea Works.

Traces of Dance

This is a series of works on an extended family biography, a journey embracing the cycle of my life. The journey’s parts are accompanied by original music.

Laugh Away

They say laughter is the best medicine. And this is going from being just a phrase to a reality.
A popular concept in the West, medical clowning has recently been introduced in India.

In this project I followed two medical clowns from Israel who volunteered to preform in
orphanages in India.

I watched as they succeeded in turning the sad and frightened faces of the kids into smiling and then laughing out loud. kids who were gathered from the streets to orphanages. And thanks to the clowns they were relieved of their daily troubles.

Loom| Father| Requiem

Out of parts of a loom I wove a virtual animation pattern as my father wove textiles in his real factory. In doing so, I have created a hand-made piece of large colorful cloth.


The work “FACES” is a journey between the external eye into my inner eye, to myself.


Ocean of Garbage

Garbage is the last phase in the life of a good or package that has fulfilled its purpose. I took pictures of giant waste sites that are used as transfer stations from where garbage is supposed to be sent for its final disposal.

Bateva Shelanu

“Bateva Shelanu” is an enterprise that employs people with disabilities while integrating them
into the community

בטב”ע שלנו, הינו מיזם המעסיק אנשים עם מוגבלויות תוך שילובם בקהילה


My granddaughter Ariel has a language disorder. In order to express herself she speaks through communication boards that have pictures and symbols of the objects that surround her. This happy and touching little girl is deeply embedded in my heart.


The Palmach

The Palmach generation, passing on its legacy as an educational value for today’s youth.


At nightfall, the drunk, drugged, and destitute are gathered up by good-hearted people and taken to “Gagon” in Tel Aviv, a shelter that provides showers, beds and a hot meal. Come morning, they go back out on the street, imagining that their situation has improved.
I followed those people who walk on two feet and live in burrows like rats.

Drawing Stone

This is the journey of a stone that soars through the wind and lands in another place, but when it falls to Earth, creates a new landscape of rustled lines that cannot be ignored.

Gypsies color

I traveled to the city of my mother’s birth, Cluj-Napoca in Romania, to document her early life there among her gypsy neighbors. She felt a part of their world and I followed her footsteps.

Travel BW

Ethiopia Here

I focus on the adherence of the Ethiopian community in Israel to their heritage as well the young people who try to free themselves from the burden of their tradition.

Other 1

Gypsies B&W

I traveled to the city of my mother’s birth, Cluj-Napoca in Romania, to document her early life there among her gypsy neighbors. She felt a part of their world and I followed her footsteps.

Female Boxer

I followed Adele (an openly lesbian Arab Christian) to a training session in a boxing club in Tel Aviv. I photographed her from dusk until the last ray of light streamed into the gym.

The Santaria Ceremony

This ceremony was photographed at the senator’s home in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. The ceremony incorporated musical instruments, the drinking of Rum and animal sacrifice in order that the gods will intervene and provide fertile land and a good life.


The transition is a kind of process separating action from contemplation of my inner self.

Till their Voices Stop

In this project about aging and the aged I try to stop the pain of passing time and engage in the colorful aspects of the essence of life.

Female Empowerment

Women in various stages of their lives gather in an ecological farm. There, they contemplate their innerselves and observe the world around them.


In and around the alleyways of Istanbul.

I've Been There

Like Alice in Wonderland who followed the rabbit, I followed a group of retirees who came together to make a dream into a reality. As youths they chose to leave Bulgaria for Israel. Now, in their golden years, they meet weekly in a small hall to sing and dance the viable memories of their birthplace.

The Women’s Courtyard

This is a place where young women of different religions are given a chance they never had. Young women, alone, without any family support, who suffer from poverty and endure harsh living conditions, are given the chance to experience a supportive environment that helps them to better integrate into society as independent women, both emotionally and financially.

Other 2


Solo exhibition “Ladies in waiting” in MLB space, Rencontres d’Arles 2019, France

Photobook Show of the Athens Photo Festival 2018, Benaki Museum.

The winner love The Kibbutz Art Gallery 2011


“In search of the “Tiganca” Ramat-Gan museum 2015

The 10th Head-On photo festival 2019, Sydney, Australia

is.real photo festival “Laugh Away” solo exhibition photos

“Earth”, Ahmdbad, Brauda, Mombai, (National Gallery), India

Other group exhibitions

Venice Biennale 2009

Transmission body, DOCUMENTA 2012

The International Romanian Festival of The Roman Poeisa And Dance 2019. Sibiu, Romania

Has magazine

2011 drap art

“Home is where the Hurt is”, Memory of Future gallery, Paris

LODZ “PARDES FESTIVAL” Anna Dąbrowicz on Roni Bn Ari / Centralne Muzeum

The international artist museum 20 years galleryY92 2013 new york

Between The Lines, Munich, Germany 2014

Gypsies Standing exhibition

Wabi Sabi, loving Art – making Art, Tel-Aviv 2011

Tel Aviv Biennial 2009


Video, solo screening on LEUMI Mani Building 2012

Loving Art – Making Art, Tel-Aviv 2015

50th anniversary of German-Israeli relations, Pasinger Fabrik, Munich, Germany

Solo exhibition, Textile Museum, the 15th international Triennial of Textiles Lodz, Poland

The Beta Israel Garden for Ethiopian Community Heritage in Petah Tikva is an ongoing installation


Loom_ Father_ Requiem 2012 prague

44 DEGREES online magazine

Photography Museum, DIPF, 2017 the 16th DongGang International Photo Festival, Korea

Ladies in waiting, Seoul, Korea

Not Book – Pushtit, Beit Ha’ir, Tel Aviv, 2013

“The World Through My Eyes”, Valid photo Gallery, the 5th biennale of photography, Barcelona, Spain

B&W magazine: 2018 single image contest award

“I’ve Been There,” Water Tower Art Festival,” Sofia, Bulgaria

article in israeli newspaper-“Yedioth Ahcharonot”

Ma’agalot, Office in Tel Aviv Gallery 2010

“Drawing in Stone” in Künstlerhaus Munich Germany



“The eye should learn to listen before it looks.”
Robert Frank

Roni Ben-Ari photographer, who focuses on presenting social themes. Her photographs effectively penetrate the
viewers mind and remain in their memory, just as she successfully did in reporting journalistic social issues, for which
she was awarded Ziv Journalism Award
The photographs presented here are classic examples of her dealing with social issues documenting those who are at
the society’s margin, those who we do not see, those who are faded, transparent or muted and occasionally looked at
as social mirage
Her documentary work obtains an artistic dimension due to her ability to pronounce details and neutralize others to
abstraction, thus changes the objects’ identity
Roni’s work is challenging the collaboration between the photographer and the photographed. Her camera caresses
the photographed and cares for them softly. The picture talking is at arm’s reach so much so that the term “object”
becomes offending in relating to her work
… “In viewing her photographs, it is unclear who the object is and what is the background. Is the photographed the one
who asked to be photographed or is it the photographer who asked them to be photographed? Who exposes himself to
whom, and who serve who
Authority relationship is fundamental and the ABC of photography, especially, when dealing with what is permitted and
not permitted. From which distance is it acceptable to take a picture. What does the distance suggest in regard to the
action itself? Photograph narrates “taking” as the verb suggest “taking a picture”. In Roni Ben-Ari’s photography, there
is no “taking” it is an act of giving
It dominate to the point that she hears the voices of her objects, feels their needs and touches their textures and so
brings them closer to the viewer”. Miki Kratsman, Curator


Solo exhibition, “From the Inner Margin” In the city hall of Sibiu, Romanian

Solo exhibition, The “Mohicans”, the Palmach Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel (February 2020)

Solo exhibition, Outdoor exhibition – Extinct culture, the community-Domari (September 2020)


Born in Ramat Gan, Israel
Enamelwork and silver jewelry, cloisonné and champlevé
Radio and TV research and production
TV director and reporter
Photographer and multimedia artist


Master classes with the top photographers in Israel
Geographic Photography College, Tel Aviv
TV Journalism College, Tel Aviv
College of Art, Herzliya
College of Arts and Crafts, Givatayim



Finalist portrait slideshow, the 10th Head-On international photo festival.

Finalist to Kipa award about “Justice”, Tel-Aviv /New-York


B&W magazine: 2018 single image contest

Magnum Photography Awards 2017

HARIBAN AWARD 2017, Kyoto, Japan

UNESCO Art & Society award, Honorable Mention

The 5th Edition of the Jacob Riis for documentary Award

The Worldwide Photography Gala Awards: First Prize, Culture and People category
CIDPAE Museum Award, Lishui, China
The 2nd Edition of the Julia Margaret Cameron Award, Portrait and Figures category
“Humanity Photo Awards (HPA) Exhibition” (organized by UNESCO and CFPA), Guangzhou, China
Ziv Award for TV Journalism


Association for women’s art and gender

Professional Visual Artists Association

The Union of Journalists in Israel

Professional Women Photographers


2015 – “Quest” –  Benyamini Center, Tel-Aviv

 2016 – “Quest” –   Open Museum of Photography at Tel-Hai


Mofet institute, Tel Aviv, Israel (2019)

IS: RAEL the 7th international photography festival, Israel (2019)

The festival of documentary film, Lodz, Poland (2019)

Head On the 10th international photography festival, Sydney, Australia (2019)

“Oh-Man Oh-Machine,” Art & Science” TLV University and New Academy Center of Art &Culture (2014)

Memory of Future gallery, Paris (2014)

Haifa University, Department of Sociology (2012)

Photography workshops, Rehovot (2010)


The National Museum of Art, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

The Gutman Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel

The Ramat-Gan Museum of Israeli Art

The Central Museum of Textiles in Lodz, Poland

The Artists House, Munich, Germany

Private collections, among others are: Yehudit Yovel Recanati, Ami Federmann



  • The International Romanian Festival of The Roman Poeisa And Dance 2019. Sibiu, Romania
  • Solo exhibition “Ladies in waiting” in MLB space, Rencontres d’Arles 2019, France
  • Solo exhibition, Head-On Photo Festival. Sydney, Australia
  • Solo exhibition, A 360-degree panorama, permanent virtual interactive at the Polish Textile Museum


  • Solo exhibition, The International Photography Festival of PHOTO IS: RAEL
  • The 5th edition of the of Fine Art & documentary, Biennale- photography, Barcelona, Spain
  • PhotoBook Show, Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece
  • Memory of the Future gallery, “can I call you madam?”, Paris, France
  • Cuckoo’s Nest gallery, “Beyond the mind”, Jaffa, Israel


  • Solo exhibition, Gallery Ryugaheon, Seoul, Korea (catalog: Ladies in Waiting)
  • UNESCO –Art & Society, Solo exhibition at the World Humanities Conference, Bruges, Belgium
  • Bosom Bodies, SIA Gallery, NYC
  • Solo virtual exhibition, The Association of Women’s Art and Gender website
  • CPA official website of China photography Association (three projects)
  • Visura Book Signing and Cocktail event, Foley gallery, New York
  • Photography Museum, DIPF, 2017 DongGang International Photo Festival, Korea


  • Solo exhibition, Art House, Munich, Germany
  • “My I”, The gallery of cultural and Community Center, 92nd Street Y, NY
  • Solo exhibition, Textile Museum, the 15th international Triennial of Textiles Lodz, Poland
  • Schema Projects gallery, “Tower of Babel”, Brooklyn NY
  • Memory of the Future “Sharing Inventory” Jerusalem, Israel


  • Biennial No. 2 “soil” sculpture and photography, Moshe Castel Museum, Maale Adumim, Jerusalem
  • Solo exhibition- “In search of the “Tiganca”, Museum Ramat-Gan
  • “Earth”, Ahmdbad, Brauda, Mombai, (National Gallery), India
  • “Homage to Leonardo”, Leonardo Hotel Jerusalem
  • 50th anniversary of German-Israeli relations, Pasinger Fabrik, Munich, Germany


Solo exhibition – “Home is where the Hurt is”, Memory of Future gallery, Paris

“Oh-Man Oh-Machine,” Tel Aviv University and new Academy Center of Art and Culture
“Between the Lines,” Kunstpavillon im Alten Botanischen Garten, Munich, Germany
“Woven Consciousness,” Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel
“Secret Art,” Bank-Leumi Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel


“The Roof – Art Space,” in conjunction with Duisburg Museum, Duisburg, Germany
 solo exhibition, “Montzi,” National Museum of Art, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
“The Colors of the Rainbow in the Ocean Garbage,” Gask Museum, Kutna Hora, Czech Republic
“Sky and Earth,” Urban Culture Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel


 exhibition,“Loom | Father | Requiem,” Vernon Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

“Traces of Dance,” Tina B Festival, Prague, Czech Republic

solo videoscreening“Ocean of Garbage,”  Leumi Mani Building, Tel Aviv, Israel
“I’ve been There,” Water Tower Art Festival,” Sofia, Bulgaria
“Transmission body,” DOCUMENTA 2012, Kassel, Germany


“EcoPhobiaArt,” Drap-Art Festival MACBA – CCCB Museum, Barcelona, Spain
“Wabi Sabi,” Loving Art – Making Art, Tel Aviv, Israel
“Mapping,” part of “Markers 8,” collateral event of the 54th Venice Biennale, Art Life for the World Gallery,    Venice
“Black,” Fusion Arts Museum, New York,  NY, USA
“Cycle of Life,” Galerie Mémoire de l’Avenir, Paris, France


“Painting on Photography / Photography on Painting,” Galerie Mémoire de l’Avenir, Paris
“Balance/Imbalance,” Shoham Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
“Ma’agalot,” Office in Tel Aviv Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel


“The Israeli Artists Book,” exhibition and book launch, Galerie Le Cheval de Sable, Paris, France
“Culture Kiosk / Souvenir Art,” part of “Markers 7,” collateral event of the 53rd Venice Biennale, ScalaMata Exhibition Space, Venice, Italy
“Inside Israel,” traveling exhibition celebrating Israel’s 60th anniversary, Three Gorges Museum, Chongqing, China
“City of Refuge,” part of Art TLV, Tel Aviv Biennale, Jaffa Port, Jaffa, Israel


“Ethiopia Here: Story of a Congregation,” permanent outdoor display, Petach-Tikva, Israel
“Light,” Fusion Art Museum, New York, NY, USA

“Traces of borders”, In between Two Cities”, The Museum of Arachnology, Jaffa, Israel


solo exhibition“Till Their Voices Stop,” The Gallery of the Geographic Photography College, Tel Aviv, Israel


 “The Winner Love,” The Kibbutz Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel


“City Project,” The Kibbutz Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel


“Lag B’Omer Ceremony on Mount Meron,” Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel


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